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 Carrboro Flea Flickers Badges

My Football Fu: 83.14

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My Badges

These badges are unlocked through various feats, including:

Forum posts, postit notes sent, polls created, Community activity, championships won, YTD points winner, nicknames, cowbell fever, seasons played, newspaper stories written, news ticker headlines created, trades made, gallery images submitted, Survivor Pool participation, and more...

Basically, be active and kick ass, and you can unlock some pretty cool super powers on the website.
Such a homer!


Your loyalty to the Jaguars not does not go unnoticed

X-Ray Vision

Hmm, what does the grapevine say?

Post Pad of Doom

Who needs an Ace of Spades, anyways? (full description when you unlock yours)

Kick Me

Kick me while I'm down

Trophy Set

Crown Yourself (full description when you unlock yours)

Black Set

Man, you're straight out of a comic book

Super Cool Pool I

Grab something super cool. (full description when you unlock yours)

Super Cool Pool II

Grab something super cool.

Super Cool Pool III

Grab something super cool.


Know Everything?


Combine Collector badges to unlock Rares.


Trade Master

Wheeler and Dealer.

Cruise Director

Where's Julie McCoy?


Own a particular player, get a special postit pad.


Own a particular player, get a special postit pad.

Black Unicorn

Own a particular player, get a special postit pad.

Uncle Rico


Duke Sucks

Duke Sucks

Tebow Saves

Own a particular player, get a special postit pad.

Muscle Hamster

Own a particular player, get a special postit pad.


(full description when you unlock yours)

Paste Taster


Paste Connoisseur

You can savor the bouqet

Taste the Paste

Number 1 recommended by dentists.

Heavy Metal

Call it Heavy Metal

Postit Color Pak

Leave your mark in style. (full description when you unlock yours)

Easter Egger

Hippity Hoppity



Emoticons - Foodie


Emoticons III


Emoticons - Alien


Emoticons - Master of Disaster



Love you long time

Emoticons - Animated


Emoticons - Champion


Emoticons - Christmas


Emoticons - Halloween


Emoticons - Thanksgiving


Chatter - Level 2

Level II

Chatter - Level 3

Level III

Chatter - Level 4

Level IV

Chatter - Level 5

Level V

Super Cool Pool

These are very powerful badges that open up some unique effects throughout the website. They are so powerful that no user is able to own all Super Cool badges at one time.

Self Defined

Title yourself.

Sound Blaster

Musical greeting cards, anyone?
Send a message, and make it a public one!


Public billboards are fun! (full reveal when you unlock yours)

Unique Postit

Stylin' calling cards.

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