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Customized Football is a private, members-only club. If you would like to host your fantasy league at, you can apply for membership. The membership is free for both leagues and team owners.

Here are just SOME of the features found at Customized Football:
  • Totally customizable scoring systems, moreso than any other website. Every league has its own completely customizable scoring system, even down to obscure stats.
  • Individual Defensive Players (IDP) or Team Defenses - your choice
  • Supports leagues with any number of teams
  • Editable schedules, with templates available
  • Each team and league can choose its own colors, imags, descriptions, and more
  • Leagues get their own forums and league newsletter
  • The most robust economic systems for Free Agency, by far
  • Keeper leagues of all varieties are supported
  • Teams can give unique nicknames to their players
  • Teams can upload their own player pictures
  • Teams have their own set of customizable virtual cards for each of their players
  • League and team polls
  • The world's best slow auction room
  • NO censorship
  • Complete autonomy over your league, just like the pen and paper days
  • You are not supporting MegaCorp, Inc.

This list of highlights only scratches the surface.

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